Choosing a HOME church is a HUGE decision that we take VERY SERIOUSLY here at OACChurch. We are praying for you and your family as the Body of Lord Jesus Christ. If you are ever in the area, we would love for you to join us in WORSHIP. If you live across the street or across the world, we invite you to join us in person or online through facebook live. All we do here at Open Arms Community Church is WORSHIP God, we sit in His Presence with no agenda other than to THANK GOD FOR ALL HE DID THROUGH LORD JESUS CHRIST. We Believe in the Holy Bible from front to back. We Believe in ONE GOD, Who is Our Heavenly Father God, Son (LORD Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit. We are a NEW COVENANT HOLY SPIRIT FILLED CHURCH BODY IN CHRIST JESUS. We Worship God THROUGH the WORD of TRUTH ONLY THROUGH LORD Jesus Christ and THROUGH His Holy Spirit in a sacrificial way of living IN OBEDIENCE TO HIS WORD. We BELIEVE in the ABSOLUTE PERFECTION of God’s ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, Lord Jesus Christ. We Believe in ONE HOLY SPIRIT, Our God is ONE, WE ARE ONE BODY IN Lord Jesus Christ, ONE HOLY SPIRIT who is God over our mind, body, soul and spirit. We are NOT a religious church nor do we have a labeled religion. We believe that God LOVED us SO MUCH that God GAVE US Lord Jesus Christ THROUGH the power of Holy Spirit. When one decides within their own heart that Jesus Christ is LORD, God CRUCIFIES THAT OLD FLESH and deposits the resurrecting POWER of His Holy Spirit in that Believer, resurrecting A BELOVED Child of God Almighty IN JESUS NAME.

If you would like more information on Open Arms Community Church or simply need prayer, please fill in the contact information below and we will be sure to pray and contact you soon. As always, thank you for your life of Worship in Spirit and Truth in Christ, God Bless!