Meet the Leadership TEAM.

Pastors Joey & Trish Carangan

My name is Joey Carangan and I AM RECOVERED by the Blood of My Lord Jesus Christ, therefore, I AM A BELOVED CHILD OF GOD, SEALED BY HOLY SPIRIT!

I have FAILED miserably in EVERY AREA of my life. I was born damaged and broken and so my identity was of that nature. I was raised ABUSED, grew up and tried religion at a very young age and all it did was heap condemnation, judgement, shame and regret on and in my life, so I gave up on religion (which at that time I thought religion was God) and lived a life full of sin, lust, worldly pleasures and demonic activities, my very actions confirmed and solidified my broken identity. I FAILED at EVERY relationship, EVERY experience, and my life dwindled down to a moment of A life changing revelation. (Fast forward many years…) I’m sick and now the doctors say they don’t know what to do or even have an answer to encourage me. I don’t want to tell God’s Beloved Daughters testimony (my wife Trish) in this section of OACC website, but what I will say is that the Salvation ONLY offered by and THROUGH the Blood of God, through LORD Jesus Christ, came upon my family shortly after. I received Jesus Christ as MY LORD & SAVIOR, I received the baptism of Holy Spirit THROUGH LORD Jesus Christ, I got baptized in church as a declaration unto this world that my past, old self, my flesh is dead, CRUCIFIED IN LORD JESUS CHRIST, and gone and I have come out of the water as a NEW BORN AGAIN BELIEVER AND FOLLOWER OF LORD JESUS CHRIST and I/we have been WORSHIPING God ever since, non stop, every moment of every day. We have been full time in the ministry of the Gospel of LORD Jesus Christ for over 12 years. I still fall short, but the difference is now, I have the POWER OF GOD ON MY SIDE ALL THROUGH LORD Jesus Christ by and through Holy Spirit to REPENT, CHANGE MY THOUGHTS, that the life I live is NO LONGER mine, but HIS, EVERYTHING I DO, is for HIS GLORY. My (once upon a time) wife, church, family, families, ministries, outreaches are ALL (NOW AND FOR ETERNITY) HIS. I know this seems to be a bit too basic, or too simple, but that is EXACTLY who LORD Jesus Christ is, AGAPE….simply, AGAPE IN and FOR YOU and me. I pray I see you soon so we can come together and Worship a Good and Perfect Father. God Bless you ABUNDANTLY, God is the ONLY ONE GOOD, It just keeps getting GOODER & GOODER IN JESUS NAME! Pastors Joey & Trish Carangan (Author & Editor of I AM RECOVERED).

The KEY to living abundantly is to receive the KEY into your Mind and Heart, Allow Lord Jesus Christ to come into EVERY area of your life and UNLOCK your TRUE BELOVED IDENTITY. When we worship God for all HE has done through HIS PERFECT SACRIFICE, Holy Spirit ANOINTING from WITHIN takes over your life in EVERY WAY YOU ALLOW GOD TOO. This IS the ABUNDANT LIFE Lord Jesus Christ paid for YOU and me. God Bless you Abundantly THROUGH Christ Our Lord, Pastor Joey Carangan

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