This is our Lobby area that opens up to the Sanctuary.
Another pic of the Lobby taken from a different angle, to the left is our full kitchen, in that hallway is the office and at the end of the hall are the men’s and women’s restrooms.
Another angled picture, on the right (closed door) is the Sunday school for little children, next to that door is the nursery, then on the left are both entrances to the sanctuary.
This is our Lobby kitchen area where we serve donuts and coffee on Sunday Mornings (yummy)
Women’s restroom.
Huge women’s stalls.
Men’s restroom.
Men’s restroom with huge stalls as well.
Our Sanctuary. You are welcomed with the Anointing Holy Spirit presence and a church body IN Christ Jesus that truly reflects the name of Our Church, We Love, Accept and WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS just as Our Heavenly Father welcomed us through Lord Jesus!
Up the steps, we approach YOUTH ALIVE Youth group area. Then you open the closed doors to your left and you will see …… 
Pool table, Fridge for snacks and drinks, Entertainment center….
Big screen hdtv, wii system, plenty of seating….
Corn hole boards on the back wall, plenty of tables and chairs for you and a friend.
Welcome home!
Our nursery that has it’s very own bathroom for the safety and security of our children.